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Mixee Wallet
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I’ve been using the wallet version for almost two years now. I get compliments on it regularly and it's super easy to open and close due to the magnetic clasp. The clasp is magnetized so the bags and wallets just snap shut, because nobody likes fiddling around with buttons and buckles.

Each side of the bag is printed in one piece. The hinges on each surface are printed in place, so the “fabric” moves and bends right out of the printer. The two sides are then manually assembled together using 3D printed components that snap into place.

You can also adjust the size of the wallet by copying/pasting the squares and triangles.

Also see related design Mixee Bag:

Materials and methods
Print wallet_side.stl twice using this setting: 0.2mm layer height, 0.6mm top/bottom (OR 0.4mm bottom and 0.6mm top), no support or layer adhesion.

TIP: Use heated glass plate to achieve glossy, candy-shell finish.

Print the rest of the components using this setting: 0.2mm layer height, 0.6mm top/bottom (OR 0.4mm bottom and 0.6mm top), with a brim of 5 loops.

NOTE: I included two sets of wallet_side_stoppers_xxx.stl. These are the plugs that go into the side hinges. There's one type that's easier to print, but you'll need to use superglue to get it to adhere to the wallet. There's another type that's trickier to print, but you can just snap it into place (no superglue needed). I would try the snap version first, and if it's not working use the superglue version.

Take the two sides and face them together (bottom layers face outwards). Insert the skewers (the long rods) into the side hinges. Either snap the stoppers or glue the stoppers (see note above) to hold the skewers in place.

Insert magnet (neodymium cylindrical magnets, 1/4" diameter x 1/4" length) into the clasp, and super glue the magnet stoppers in place. You can stack smaller magnets. For example, you can use two cylindrical magnets of 1/4" diameters x 1/8" length to achieve the same strength and magnetic effect. The wallet should just snap together in place afterwards.

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