Glasses 3D Printing Ocean.

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I always break my glasses by falling on the ground or sitting on them... I was tired of buying a new pair of glasses every time, so I decided to 3d print them.
Easy task, but first I had to draw them. So I reused the lenses, but redesigned the shape and joints.

Front face has to be printed as flat, I bent it using a little heat from hair dryer after print.
It brings better results, than trying to print it bent with the supports.
Temples are attached using two small pieces of 1.75mm filament, so I could avoid the problem with tiny screws.

Now I have a lot of fancy color combinations, but my favorite shape, so wearing glasses became a fun, not just necessity.

I understand, that everybody needs to adapt it because of different lens shapes, so here is the link to my onshape:

by ericsko

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Glasses_temple-Right_part.stl elnazouo.stl
Glasses-full-assembly.stl kxbzhiqp.stl
Glasses-front.stl jmfqywpw.stl
Glasses_temple-Left_part.stl lzgbktuc.stl