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Tripod Phone Stand (no screw ! )
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This project is a tripod allowing to maintain a phone in all possible positions thanks to a ball joint.

The assembly is done without any screws, which however does not affect its robustness.

The goal for me is to create other supports that can accommodate this ball joint for other applications, such as in a car, for a camera stand, etc...

Enjoy printing !

⚠⚠⚠ Used tolerance by default between parts is 0.1mm ⚠⚠⚠

If your printer can't achieve this tolerance for moving parts (especially screws), use the files named 0.2mm or 0.3mm that have bigger tolerances.

UPDATE 13 / 01 / 2021

  • Parts are now oriented in the direction in which they should be printed.

UPDATE 11 / 01 / 2021

  • Better sliding of V-shaped tightening part.
  • Better fitting of the upper part of the tripod with the centre part

UPDATE 07 / 01 / 2021

  • Ball-joint screw and Tripod Head are now available with Right-handed screw.
    (I find it is more efficient in left-handed version, but I let you choose what you think is best!)

UPDATE 03 / 01 / 2021

  • Tolerance adjustment on the screw between the ball of the ball joint and the frame, easier to screw in place.

UPDATE 29 / 12 / 2020

  • Tolerance adjustment on the connection between the head and the centre of the tripod
  • Better folding of the tripod legs
Print Settings

Printer brand:



Ender 3









Filament brand:

Ice filament

Filament color:

Gentle Grey

Filament material:


Compatible phones

The maximum supported phone width is 80mm, and the minimum is 50mm.

This covers 99% of the telephones on the market. Width is usually between 70 and 75mm.

Not suitable for a tablet

Assembly instructions

  • The legs of the tripod must be nested in the central part.

  • The upper part of the tripod fits into the base. Warm the base before inserting it to hold it in place firmly, or glue it.

  • The screw of the ball joint must be passed through the ball of the ball joint before screwing the ball on the frame. A little of glue may be necessary to prevent the screw from loosening over time.

  • Caution! The ball joint screw is screwed on the tripod in the trigonometric direction!

  • Insert the upper part of the chassis on the frame and use the nut to tighten.

Screw assembly problem

A number of you have reported problems assembling the screws of the model. This depends largely on the accuracy of your printer and the layer height used.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of solutions that you can implement:

  • Avoid supports in the threads
  • Use a lighter to soften the plastic and screw it.
  • Use candle wax and force the screw assembly two or three times, the movement then becomes fluid.
  • Reduce the layer height of your print. With a smaller layer height, the thread will be better realized, and can better fit together.
  • Use 02mm or 03mm files that have larger tolerances


Want to remix this thing? .step files are available in a dedicated folder.

Useful data :

  • M12x1.5 screw for the screw between the frame and the ball joint
  • M15x1.5 screw for the telephone clamping part
  • M22x2 screw for clamping the ball joint

Looking forward to seeing your remixes!

File name Size
Tripod_head_standard_threadright_handed.stl 1.8 MB
Ball_Joint_01mm.stl 2.0 MB
ball_joint_screw_standard-threadright_handed.stl 2.0 MB
tightening_screw_01mm.stl 4.0 MB
tightening_screw_03mm.stl 3.8 MB
Tripod_stand.stl 80.3 KB
tightening_screw_02mm.stl 4.0 MB
Ball_Joint_02mm.stl 2.3 MB
Tripod_head_02mm.stl 2.0 MB
Tripod_head_01mm.stl 1.6 MB
ball_joint_screw.stl 2.0 MB
Frame.stl 1.1 MB
Tripod_head_03mm.stl 1.9 MB
Tripod_center.stl 209.3 KB
Ball_Joint_03mm.stl 2.2 MB
Frame_up.stl 858.3 KB