Mechanical Quick Grab/Release Phone Stand 3D Printing Ocean.

Mechanical Quick Grab/Release Phone Stand
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This is a great design that I've dialed in and got working very
well. Looks great and is very functional. This stand allows multiple
viewing angles and best of all has a quick grab/release mechanism that
grabs and locks the phone in when you let go and releases when you pick
up the phone.

This design currently works best for larger phones (iPhone 8 plus/XS
Max size), but I am working on a universal version, just need to get my
hands on the smaller devises to test and dial it in.

The entire design is printable other than a small extension spring that needs to be installed when putting the stand together.

5mm x 10mm extension springs work great and can be found in this kit for a great price:

Spring Kit -

Filament Used

All black part seen in pictures are an amazing PLA filament I print with often:

Ziro Carbon fiber PLA -

I'm printing with a Prusa i3 MK3s so I use Prusament a lot too. All orange filament seen is:

Prusament Orange PETG -


To connect the spring
attach to the each piece first as shown then flip it over and attach the
other side to the post in the spring channel on the front panel. Attach
the arms to their respective gears, and place the sliders in place.

After securing the
spring to both points put the rack, gears and arms in place, and get
ready to secure the back panel with bolts.

Only secure the back
panel with the bottom bolts, using short bolts. Insert the 3 finger
mount into the mount bracket and bolt onto the back panel securing the
rest of the mount.

by Arron_mollet22

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Stand.stl 167.6 KB
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Bolt_Short.stl 420.5 KB
3_Finger_Mount.stl 118.8 KB
Mount_Bracket.stl 83.3 KB
Bolt_Stand.stl 391.9 KB
Slider.stl 34.5 KB
BoltLong.stl 430.3 KB
Spur_Gear_R.stl 239.6 KB
Arm_L.stl 56.9 KB
Front_Pannel.stl 483.6 KB
Arm_R.stl 56.9 KB
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